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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  July 19, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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good morning and welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm eun yang. it is tuesday, july 19th, 2011. we begin with a police-involved crash that affected morning rush hour. right now, traffic is moving again after the crash shut down route 29 in montgomery county for more than nine hours. it happened near the intersection of slago creek parkway and coalsville road in silver spring. megan mcgrath joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, eun.
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it was about 9:30 or so this morning when they finally reopened the road after more than nine hours of investigation. you can see that things look pretty good near this intersection right now. traffic is moving freely. but this was a very serious accident, closed down both lanes, or both directions, i should say, of colesville road for hours. needless to say, it made quite a mess out of the morning rush hour. a violent collision on colesville road involving a montgomery county police cruiser and a passing car. investigators say the officer was with responding to a call when he crossed the median and went into the northbound lanes. >> the cruiser came across the median and as it was sliding into the northbound lanes, its back end was exposed, which is what collided with the citizen's vehicle. >> reporter: the marked cruiser came to a rest on that median. the toyota was pushed off the road and into the driveway of a house. the homeowner had just gotten home when he heard a crash that
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shook the house. >> it was loud. it was actually -- my house was like -- kind of like an earthquake. a little shaky, yeah. >> reporter: it happened just before midnight. there were two people in the car. rescue crews had to cut the roof off to get them out. while both vehicles were heavily damaged, everyone involved survived. colesville road was closed in both directions for more than nine hours, traffic was a mess. >> i'm already half an hour later. i live like two blocks down. >> reporter: you can't get through? >> no. >> reporter: the police cruiser wasn't towed away until after 9:00 a.m. some commuters are asking why it took so long to document the crash, considering that no one was killed. and i asked that question of police, was this unusual that it took so long to open a major road like this back up when we had a nonfatal crash. still waiting for a response to that. but what i was told is that the
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crash reconstruction team does the same thing basically every time that they have a major incident like this. and we're learning -- waiting, rather than, i should say, to learn more information on that. now, i should also mention that the officer who was behind the wheel has been identified. he's 25-year-old brendan hopkins. he's been on the montgomery county police force for a year. the two people who were injured, the people who were in that toyota have been identified as 62-year-old givon wilson and 66-year-old lorenzo wilson, of hyattsville. both of them are still in the hospital, but, again, they have nonlife-threatening injuries that they're being treated for. now, exactly how fast the police officer was going, that's still under investigation. what the call was, that's also under -- has not been released. what i was told was that it was a priority call, something that they typical would respond to with lights and sirens on. so an important call, certainly. now, whether or not the lights and sirens were engaged at this particular time when the crash occurred, that still is under investigation.
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back to you in the studio. >> a lot more questions in this investigation. megan mcgrath live in silver spring for us this morning. megan, thank you. and we're working to learn more about a deadly shooting in d.c.'s petworth section. this happened overnight in the intersection of randolph street in georgia avenue in northwest washington. news 4's tracee wilkins has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: d.c. police are still investigating, trying to figure out exactly what happened here in the 900 block of randolph street. the victim was found lying dead there in the middle of that sidewalk. this morning, in the 1900 block of randolph street in the petworth neighborhood in northwest d.c., an adult male was found lying dead on the sidewalk after police say he was shot in the head. it happened just after 3:00 a.m. for hours, investigators took pictures of the victim and combed the neighborhood for evidence. investigators paid close attention to a maxima parked less than a block away. it had a shattered rearview window from what appeared to be
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gunshots. >> i think it's terrible. it's really, really terrible. >> reporter: that vehicle belonged to caroline oliver. >> i didn't even know anything about it until my nephew and called and said there was something wrong with my car. >> reporter: police checked surveillance cameras at the nearby wendy's to see if the murder was recorded. after sunrise, the blood of the victim was washed from the neighborhood's sidewalks as few answers were revealed. at this point, police are not releasing any suspect information. in northwest, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. new today, crews are working to complete emergency repairs on a water main that was found leaking overnight. repairs were being made to a valve on the main along maple avenue in vienna when the large leak was found. the northbound lanes of maple are closed between nutley street while crews get the water under control. water has also been shut off at about 18 businesses in the area. officials are unsure how long the repairs will take. and turning to the weather,
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it is a cloudy start to what will be another hot day. meteorologist veronica johnson joins us now with the first forecast. veronica, good morning. >> good morning there, eun. yeah, it's a real sauna out there already and it's not even noontime. outside, we've got some partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. and don't let that cloud cover fool you, because it is plenty hot. and today, quite oppressive. 89 the temperature, currently. take a look at that dew point temperature, because that is what is so important as we watch the mercury rise today. that dew point temperature is expected to stay in the 70s today. a look around the area, your temperatures running from 86 degrees right now in montgomery county at rockville, you folks in clarksville and damascus, you are at 86 degrees. it's 89 right in the district. 90 degrees in college park. 87 degrees right now at camp springs and around mitchellville and hyattsville. those dew point temperatures ranging from 70 to 73 degrees. why is that number so important? because anytime you get that number, check out the bottom of
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your screen, above 70 degrees. that is very humid, if not oppressive in some areas that are just down to the south around stafford and around fredericksburg. because of that, combine that moisture with the air temperature and it currently feels like we're into the 90s already. going for an afternoon high temperature today of 94 degrees. could get some cooling storms, but at 95 degrees, that heat index will have us feeling like it's up around 100 degrees later on. i'll talk more about those storms that could hit us later this afternoon. the potential for some heavy rain and high winds all in a few minutes. back to you. >> we'll see you then. thanks, veronica. the dangerous heat wave is already responsible for 13 deaths across the country. people are doing whatever they can just to cool off a bit. in omaha, the owner of one pool ordered two tons of ice to cool down the pool water, which reached 90 degrees. >> be a little proactive on the success heat we have coming up for this week. heat advisories and warnings are
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in effect for 20 states from texas to michigan. the worst weather was in iowa, where the temperatures reached 99 degrees with a dew point of 82, for a heat index of 126. dry, windy conditions in arizona right now spawned this scene. this is a dust storm blowing over phoenix. the national weather service says wind gusts reaching 40 miles per hour pushed the desert sand up to 3,000 feet high. this is the second dust storm to cover phoenix in just two weeks. this morning, d.c. mayor vincent gray's campaign office faces accusations it accepted cash donations above the city's legal limit and recorded donations from people who say they didn't contribute to his mayoral bid at all. that's according to the "washington post." the report found several instances of cash donations that exceeded the city's $25 limit. it says gray campaign workers then improperly exchanged that cash for money orders, which have higher donation limits. "the post" says the campaign
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officially reported 332 money order donations totaling $56,000. right now in loudoun county, the board of supervisors is considering a vote to put a metro stop at dulles international airport aboveground. the metropolitan washington airport authority which oversees the entire project initially called for the station to go underground for travel convenience. transportation secretary ray lahood presented the new plan as a compromise earlier this month. it would save loudoun county $300 million and $1 billion overall. the metropolitan washington airport authority will vote on the compromise plan tomorrow. the guardian angels are patrolling the metropolitan branch trail after bikers and joggers were robbed there. the latest incident happened monday morning. a man was robbed as gunpoint while riding his bike on the trail in northeast. there have been six similar incidents on that trail in the past couple of months. the guardian angels patrolled the trail this morning. they'll go back to the trail on wednesday and thursday nights.
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it is now 11:09, 88 degrees. coming up, good economic news in virginia. >> i was absolutely shocked, appalled, and ashamed when i heard -- >> plus, rupert murdoch being questioned this morning by british lawmakers investigating phone hacking at the tabloid "news of the world." and the shuttle is on its way home right now. what the astronauts left behind. stay with us. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable, and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. want to save evemore? call now and we'll add over 60 premium channels, including showtime, starz, epix, and more for 12 months.
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undocking confirmed. >> and with that, the space shuttle "atlantis" started its final journey home. it undocked from the international space station overnight. "atlantis" brought a year's worth of supplies for the space station crew and they also left behind a u.s. flag that flew on the first shuttle mission in 1981. "atlantis" is scheduled to land thursday at 5:56 in the morning. it will then be retired in a museum along with the astronauts -- the space ships "discovery" and "endeavour." right now news corp's rupert murdoch and his son are facing tough questioning in a phone hacking investigation involving one of his newspapers. british lawmakers are grilling them on what they knew and when. >> the news of the world is less than 1% of our company, i employ 53,000 people around the world who are proud and great and ethical and distinguished
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people, professionals. and perhaps -- and i'm spread watching and appointing people whom i trust. >> murdoch said it was the most humbling day of his life. journalists at his now-defunct tabloid "news of the world" are accused of hacking up to 4,000 phones of crime victims, celebrities, and british lawmakers. he says he shut down the "news of the world" because of those criminal allegations. the scandal has some people questioning british prime minister david cameron's judgment. he is defending his decision to hire former "world" editor andy coolson as press secretary. he says, no one has argued the work he did in government in any way was inappropriate or bad. british police say the whistle below-blowing reporter who initially alleged there was widespread hacking at the "news of the world" was found dead at his home. the news comes after four
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high-profile resignations, including scotland yard's number one and number two. what's amounting to a symbolic vote will be the last order of business tonight as republicans bring their cut, cap, and balance proposal to the house floor. president obama has already warned he would veto the legislation, which includes a balanced budget constitutional amendment. but gop aides say the vote is expected around 7:00 tonight after four hours of debate. republicans say even if the measure is vetoed, it will at least lead to more compromise. other proposals are being floated, including one by senator mitch mcconnell that would give the president the authority to raise the debt ceiling. at a time when many states are facing unprecedented money problems, virginia is bucking the trend. the associated press reports the state ended the fiscal year with a surplus of more than $300 million. the bulk of the money appears to come from income taxes that exceeded expectations. it's the second year in a row virginia finished the fiscal year with a surplus. all right. veronica joins us now. and we are talking about hot weather, unbearably hot weather.
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>> for sure. >> and sticky. >> we really have two things to worry about today. the heat first, and then the potential for some severe weather, with strong afternoon thunderstorms. so today, we get the double whammy. all right. already, as you know, showed you earlier just how humid it is outside and what that's doing to the heat index. really driving that number up quickly. and of course, folks, if you are out there today, you don't have to have the sunshine beating down on you to feel bad. know what happened with roy halladay and the game with the phillies yesterday. if you get a real bad headache, get dizzy, nauseated, confused or your pulse starts racing, all signs that the heat could be getting the best of you. so take a break and get somewhere cool and get hydrated. 89 degrees, the current temperature. wind out of the north at 7 miles per hour. knew that we're going to see a bit of a wind shift today. out of the southwest this morning, so it's kind of backing around. eventually that wind will be out of the northeast. look at the current heat index,
11:17 am
96 here. already feeling like 99 around la plata and waldorf. feeling like 97 in fredericksburg. some of the higher temperatures definitely through this area today. but 101 already frederick, maryland, and around mt. erie. had some thunderstorms this morning making their way through western maryland and northern portions of west virginia. now just some showers down to the south, mainly, with thunderstorms in the southern section of west virginia. we could see some more storms firing today, up until about 7:00 p.m., and then just isolated variety of storms coming our way during the overnight when we lose the heating. there's that complex making its way down to the south, around roanoke. but, again, possibility for us, and you can see all the cloud cover, but some breaks coming into northern maryland right now. so when we get the breaks, we get the potential for the atmosphere to start boiling and really heating up. anywhere from here in d.c. down toward raleigh, north carolina, areas to the north, baltimore, i-95, back into chicago, detroit, everywhere here,
11:18 am
painted in yellow, there is the potential for severe weather today. again, that chance for us really goes until about 7:00 p.m. could be a little later once we lose the heating. but chance for some very heavy rain as juiced up as the atmosphere is. heavy rain, a lot of rain in a short period of time and some high winds. temperatures throughout the rest of the area, 88 degrees in dallas, texas, already. 91 degrees in phoenix. of course, with all the humidity in the air, that's really driving up the heat index, everywhere. big dome of heat started right here in the nation's midsection. this is a look at the heat advisories and excessive heat warnings that are currently in effect right now for so many states. almost two dozen states from north dakota down toward texas. areas east to tennessee, even around western portions of west virginia and up into michigan and even new jersey right now. i think tomorrow easily we'll have more advisories extending off to the east, into the ohio valley and mid-atlantic states. so high temperature today between 92 and 95, but easily
11:19 am
feeling like we're over 100 degrees. we've got that already in many neighborhoods. chance for some isolated storms at 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. temperatures fall you have into the low 80s. then tomorrow morning, 75 to 76 degrees. i think we'll just have some clouds around tomorrow. but there are those storms coming on through the area until about 5:00 or 6:00, and then just isolated and mainly down to the south of us. let's go ahead and take a look at your forecast here for the afternoon and for the evening. we'll advance it on through. 92 to 96, eun yang, and for this evening, cooling only into the 80s. your four-day forecast from 95 today to 99 on thursday. 101 on friday. and that means that we could see some record high temperatures shattered. >> and that's just the temperature. what about the humidity and the heat index and all that. >> exactly. 108, maybe 109. >> yikes. >> something we haven't seen this summer. >> all right, veronica, thank you. still ahead on "news 4 midday," smart style choices that will take you from summer to fall.
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plus, the difference between sun burns and sun poisoning and how to treat both. but first, here's a look at what's hot on
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we are in the thick of summer still, but some of us are wondering, what's around the corner in terms of fashion and trends? so lee mcdonald of nice shoes no
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drama has put together some transitional looks that are wearable today and in the coming months for fall. i know it's hard to think about this in the middle of this heat wave, but that's what a lot of retailers do. they start thinking about fall right now and start moving out their summer items. >> it's true. and it's smart. when you're going out now to shop for either your summer trips or add to your wardrobe and update it, it's smart to wear pieces that you can wear today and transition beautifully into the fall's hottest trends. >> we'll start prints right now. >> the looks today are from neiman's marcus and all our models are from tsra model agency. this first is a mixed print dress from dolce and gabbana. some of us are hesitant to mix prints when they're separates. in this dress, dolce and gabbana does this for you. he's also known for doing a lot of the ruching around the waist, which is really slimming. >> not that she needs it,
11:24 am
obviously. how do you know which prints are going to work when they're mixed prints? >> look for similar color palettes and there's kind of a science to mixing. if you're still figuring out how to do it, this is a great way to start. our model here, amanda franklin, is carrying a bordeaux satin clutch by prada and wearing accessories and necklace. >> and this you can transition to fall, maybe, how do you -- >> this would be a great party dress. a million ways you can wear this dress. >> wonderful. the next tip, timeless buys, which is always good advice when you're spending money. >> timeless is one of my primary buying criteria, it really is. and this outfit is wonderful. it's showcasing some of the fall's hottest trends with the ruffled neckline and there's a beautiful tie back in the back of that top. and the printed bottom, it has kind of a psychedelic thing going. while this looks fabulous on her bare legs now, it will look equally wonderful in the winter with a really dark black pair of
11:25 am
tights. that's an all-year round wear. >> and you can wear and transition the blouse with the sweater -- >> absolutely. >> and kate michael here is carrying a fendi, a very lady-like bag, which is one of the hottest bags in deep magenta. >> a pop of color. one of my favorite outfits. >> all so lovely. next, maxi dresses. which makes me a little nervous. because if you're not as tall as three models, i feel like it could overwhelm you. what's the secret here, lee? >> the secret is, maxi dresses are very long and slimming. they're for all heights. the secret to a great maxi dress look is to pair it with a flat and jeweled sandals are really in right now. so that is a textbook example of what's hot this summer in the maxi dresses. it's maxi dresses and skirts. but this is a really great example of the colors that we're going to see in the fall. that deep purple, the sort of jewel green and bordeaux are the colors that we're going to see. >> and how would you tradition that into the fall? >> this you could do it with a
11:26 am
cover up. this long skirt will be super comfy as it starts to get cooler outside. and this dress is by mark jacobs. and caylee is carrying it with an orange hobo by valencia, and her cuff is orange stingray skin by made by senti and the gold one is made by alexis baatar. >> gorgeous. now going green for clothing. what do you mean by this? >> jewel green is one of the hottest color of the season. it really is. this silk sheathe is worn by melissa purvis and it's really a classic shape. she, as you'll with see, it's got ruffles, it's sleeveless, so as you transition into the warmer weather, you could easily put something over it to give you a little bit more coverage as it cools off. the elasticized belt with the gold hardware, very cool. gold is something that's hot now and it will still be hot in the fall and the winter. >> and you're wearing that green too.
11:27 am
finally, let's go to our pant perfection look. >> okay. that bag, by the way, that leopard bag, one of my all-time favorites. >> all these looks, i love. i want everything. >> exactly. >> so this is a great look. because a lot of us, you know, we need pants for professional reasons. sometimes you just need to wear a pair of pants. this cigarette pant is one of the several pant trends that you'll see in the fall. think slender, think cropped. you can have do cropped. she's wearing a white crisp blouse with great pyets on it. an incredible bag by gorgeous. >> all gorgeous. the women are gorgeous, the outfits are gorgeous. >> and the jewelry on her is by a local jewelry designer. >> thanks so much, lee mcdonald. >> glad to be here. >> always good to see you. coming up, an air traffic controller accused of testing positive for alcohol while on the job. plus, a teenager accused of killing his parents, but the story doesn't end there. what he did next with a group of
11:28 am
friends. and pepco asks for help. why their tree trimming program is not working. veronica johnson's also back with an update on this stream heat headed our way.
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right now traffic is moving again after this police-involved crash shut down part of route 29 in montgomery county for more than nine hours. it happened near the intersection of slago creek parkway and colesville road in several spring. three people including the officer were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. crews are working to complete emergency repairs on a water main that was found leaking overnight. the northbound lanes of maple avenue are closed between nutley street and glenguile drive while crews get the water under control. water has also been shut off at about 18 businesses in the area. and we're following a developing story out of colorado. the faa is investigating an air traffic controller accused of being drunk on the job. this happened on july 5th at the denver center in longmont. the controller was immediately relieved of his duty. to clarify, the faa considers 0.02 as intoxicated, even those most states say 0.08 is the legal limit.
11:32 am
the national air traffic controller's association issued a statement saying, "this issue is deeply troubling. we the not condo the alleged conduct at denver center currently under investigation." part of pepco's plan to offer better service is pitting some neighbors against the power company. pepco says trees are a primary cause of outages. last summer it announced a plan to increase tree trimming in an effort to increase reliability. crews have run into resistance when trimming trees on private property. pepco wants montgomery county council to consider legislation that would allow them to trim trees by declaring them a public nuisance. homeowners say it will change the character of their neighborhoods. >> do not suggest that those of us who have expressed concern about this are standing in the way for one moment of your company getting to a higher reliability as fast as you are able to make the needed investments. >> right now pepco is allowed to tree trims in the county's right of way, but it has to ask permission from the homeowner to trim trees on private property.
11:33 am
in about 300 case s wis, the ut company says the homeowners have refused. montgomery county could get more than $100 million to help deal with the impact of the military's base realignment and closure. the county wants to make changes to at least four intersections near the site of the new walter reed medical center in bethesda. it's part of the brac program and is expected to open november 15th. it's 11:33. let's get another check of the forecast with veronica johnson. it's hot, hazy, humid. all the hs, veronica. >> exactly. every time i look at this shot, it's getting harder and harder to see our monument. you're right, the air's muggy, thick, really tropical, filled with a lot of moisture. so for a lot of folks today with poor air quality, it's going to be hard to take a breath at times. so stay inside unless you absolutely have to be outside, those of you who suffer from
11:34 am
asthma, reps pspiratory ailment. 89, that's the current temperature. the humidity already at 57%. so you can see the heat index, with those feel-like numbers, the temperatures out there, what it feels like, from 101 in frederick to 90 in manassas. and folks, we're still rising, okay? so by later today, a lot of neighborhoods will feel like we're up over 100 degrees. the storms that were west this morning, those are now south. still a chance for us to get some afternoon thunderstorms in here and we'll keep that opportunity up until about 7:00 for scattered storms, and then just some isolated storms for the evening. so a hot one with today as we take it up to 95 degrees. by 9:00 and 11:00, there's your isolated storms. the temperature, 84 to 82. and then another very warm night. folks, a good part to be is at the beach with that water temperature still running in the upper 70s to 81 degrees. a real quick look at your beach and boating forecast, 93 to 95. just a tad cooler, eun, near the water. >> a little bit cooler.
11:35 am
it would be nice to be at the beach, right, veronica? >> oah, yeah. a 25-year-old man will end the rest of his life behind bars. a federal jury convicted jason scott on 11 charges. scott was also convicted on child pornography charges. he will be sentenced in october. he faces 97 years in prison. he also faces murder charges in the death of delores and ebony dewitt. their bodies were found in a burning car back in 2009. that case is scheduled to go on to trial in november. the d.c. superior court is revamping security after a murder suspect managed to trick corrections officers and walk out of the building. according to the "washington post," court officials will see a mug shot of each defendant before entering the courtroom. last week, james brewer swapped i.d. bracelets with another inmate who was locked up on misdemeanor charges. brewer turned himself in on saturday afternoon. he's accused of shooting a man in southeast last month. brewer is being held without
11:36 am
bond. a 17-year-old in florida is accused of killing his parents and then throwing a house party with the bodies still in the home. nbc's mark potter has the disturbing details in this case. >> tyler, tyler! they say you murdered your parents -- >> reporter: 17-year-old tyler hadley was transferred monday evening from juvenile detention to the st. lucy county jail after he was charged as an adult with the premeditated murders of both his parents, 54-year-old blake hadley, a power company worker, and 47-year-old mary joe hadley, a popular schoolteacher. police say they were bludgeoned to death with a framie ine ing like this one. >> it was a merciless killing, it was brutal. >> reporter: police discovered the grisly scene early sunday morning after a possible tip about a murder brought them to the hadley home in port st. lucie, florida. they found the bodies on the floor with the hammer between them. tyler hadley, who met police at
11:37 am
the door, was arrested at the scene, where police say he had tried to hide the bodies beneath items from the house. >> books, files, towels, anything that he could find inside the home to cover the body. >> reporter: police say hadley killed his parents and hid their bodies on saturday. also on that day, police say hadley invited facebook friends to his house for a party and went on, police say, to party with dozens of his friends. >> there was at least a good 50 people that were here. >> reporter: a neighbor called police at 2:30 sunday morning to complain about the noise. >> it was squealing tires, kids hanging out of the windows, yelling at each other. >> reporter: two hours later, police say, they returned to the home after receiving the murder tip. police say hadley isn't talking and they have not established a motive. neighbors and family friends were stunned. >> we're just perplexed, i guess, as everyone is, as to what happened. >> you wonder what could possibly have gone so wrong, what could be going through a
11:38 am
child's mind to do something so violent and so horrible to his parents. it's mind boggling. >> and that was mark potter reporting. hadley's grandfather says the teen recently attended a family reunion and saw no signs of disturbance. in fact, hadley's grandfather says the teen seemed to be enjoying himself with his father. and there are reports this morning that florida mother casey anthony may be in southern california. a plane owned by one of anthony's former defense attorneys was in orlando the day before her release. that same plane then stopped in panama city four hours after her release sunday and continueden to prescott, arizona, northern california, and finally santa ana, california. the plane is owned by todd ma macaluso, who reportedly gave anthony $70,000 before leaving her legal team last year. it's unclear who is funding her travels. she left jail with just $540. football fans might be able to start dreaming of touchdowns
11:39 am
and tailgates next thursday. players are already making their way to the district in hopes they may be able to vote on a new agreement by tomorrow. both sides are working to have at least a tentative deal in place by thursday when all 32 league owners are set to meet in atlanta. the aclu is getting in on a lawsuit between redskins' owner dan snyder and the washington city paper. aclu officials filed a brief with the court, arguing that snyder must quickly prove his case against the paper. snyder says the paper defamed him in an article published last november and is seeking $1 million in damages. the aclu is not a party in the case, but a new dc law allows third parties to ask that lawsuit they deem frivolous be thrown out. philadelphia eagles quarterback michael vick is on capitol hill right now, pledging his support for a bill to crack down on dog fighting. he's appearing before the house judiciary subcommittee with the humane society. the proposed bill would penalize criminals who finance and bring
11:40 am
children to dogfights and cockfights. it would also be a federal offense for spectators to be at animal fights. vick spent nearly two years in federal prison for running a dogfighting ring. since his release, the quarterback has travelled the condition as an advocate against dogfighting. the u.s. women's soccer team is back on american soil, and despite their heartbreaking loss in the world cup finals, they're being hailed as heroes. the team arrived home to a cheering crowd outside their hotel in new york city yesterday, and it was an incredible run with some dramatic games for the entire team. and despite the disappointment, abby wambach told the "today" show's ann curry that they hope japan will get an emotional boost from that win. >> it's hard for us. obviously, we wanted to win. but if our sacrifice in not winning is going to uplift an entire nation in terms of what they've gone through in the last few months with the disasters, we're proud to have been on the other side of the field. their team was so good and i think that that's the thing that we're taking away from it, proud of ourselves, but we also have
11:41 am
to give japan a lot of credit. >> what a classy response. the next goal for the women is to qualify for the 2012 olympic games in london. congratulations again to the usa women's soccer team. still ahead on "news 4 midda midday", decision day for the fda. what's the future of a new drug designed to treat diabetes. plus, why getting a sun burn today could mean skin damage years down the road, especially for children. stay with us. we'l
11:42 am
11:43 am
welcome back at 11:43. today the fda will try to
11:44 am
determine if a new drug designed to treat diabetes will go on the mark. it's the first drug to reduce blood sugar by blocking glucose from being absorbed by the kidneys. the once-a-day pill has shown in tests that it can work independent of insulin and could help weight loss. but the drug also raises the risk for urinary tract infections, liver damage, and could be linked to breast and bladder cancer. builders broke ground on more single-family homes and apartments if june. let's check in with cnbc's mandy drury now. she join us more with that and more on the day's business headlines. >> stocks are we bounding today, partly thanks to a strong set of results out of ibm, which is raising hopes for the technology sector this year. so we've got at this stage the dow up by over 100 points. the nasdaq up by about 39 points and a ten-point gain for the s&p. as you were saying a moment ago, welcome news in the housing market is also helping stocks.
11:45 am
permits for a future construction unexpectedly increased as well. any encouraging data we can get on housing is very welcome to the market. also this morning, we have been very closely watching the testimony by rupert murdoch and his son, james, to the house of commons committee on culture, media, and sport in the united kingdom. on the phone hacking and corruption scandal that has really engulfed his global media empire. murdoch says it is the most humble day of his life and he has apologized to the british parliament. elsewhere, it is the final chapter for borders books. and that means nearly 11,000 people will soon be out of a job. they just couldn't find a buy tore stay in business. it's really sad. you've got borders, the second largest bookstore chain here in the united states. it decided to cancel its upcoming bankruptcy auction and will close its remaining 400 stores for good. essentially, the problem here is borders' online sales only represent a fraction of their revenue and they just couldn't keep up with competition. you've got the nook ereader from barnes & noble and amazon's
11:46 am
kindle. between borders and the announcement from cisco to slash 6,500 jobs, that is nearly 17,000 lost jobs. and lastly, american express is getting into the daily teily de business. it's launching a facebook application that offers personalized coupons to card holders based on their likes, interests, and other info from your facebook profile. it's real simple, just click on deals to add them to your amex account. >> it's all about the deals these days, mandy drury, thanks so much, mandy. well, sun burns, that skin reddening caused by overexposure to the sun may seem like a temporary irritation, but sunburns can cause long-lasting damage to the skin. children are especially at risk. dr. cheryl burgess joins us to talk about treating sunburns and the more serious sun poisoning. good morning. we hear it again and again, wear your sunscreen, don't get sun burn. what are the long-lasting problems related to the kind of
11:47 am
sunburns we see on children. >> one, we can see eventually skin cancer or preskin cancers. that's usually down the road. the adults i treat in my office are usually the result of sunburns from childhood. but how to recognize a sunburn. the redness is just one sign, but there are different stages of a burn. there's a first-degree burn, a second-degree burn is usually what you'll get from the sun. and first-degree burn is the redness and a second-degree burn is when it blisters. so the most damaging one, obviously, is the second-degree. and that's where we have to really, really pay attention, because things can happen as a result of that. and i mean, immediate and not down the road as far as the cancers and the skin cancers. >> what's the difference between sun burn, your run-of-the-mill reddening of the skin and sun poisoning? is that when the blisters come into it? >> usually it's a higher degree of sunburn, and that's when people have a lot of pain. they have inflammation. there's loss of integrity of the
11:48 am
skin, therefore, they can lose a lot of body fluids. they can have fever and chills and that's when we use the term "sun poisoning." but it's really a compromise in the skin barrier. and a lot of things can happen as a result of that. >> right, very serious. but sunburns, we know, totally preventable. we chase around our children with the sunscreen. what else do we need to do to make sure they don't get sunburn and sun poisoning in the summer? >> well, the peak hours are 10:00 to 2:00. that's when the sun is going to be most intense. definitely shade -- and i don't mean overcast. i mean shade from an umbrella or blockage of a building or you're indoors inside versus overcast. you're still getting the rays through the clouds, the sun rays. so be aware of that. clothing, protective clothing. a t-shirt, even if it's not a treated -- some of the ultraviolet sun protective
11:49 am
clothing, a t-shirt will give you an spf of 4. at least have a t-shirt on. if you have layers of clothing on like a t-shirt and a shirt, then you'll have an increased spf protective factor. >> i'm surprised that a shirt's only 4, though. that makes me think you have to wear sunscreen underneath your clothing. >> actually you do, yeah. >> good to know. >> and how should you treat a sunburn? especially a severe one, right away, before the pain starts setting in? >> just like any burn, and i mean for like when you're cooking or whatever, cool, cold water, ice, something of that nature that's cool. now, you have to be careful not to burn yourself with the ice, trying to cool your skin. so cool water is the best. you can take a shower or get in the bathtub with cool water. you might want to take something like ibuprofen to decrease the swelling that occurs of the skin. and hydrate. because you're losing fluids, especially if it's blisters. that blister fluid has to go somewhere and it's going out of the body. and possibly, you know, into the
11:50 am
clothing. so that's fluids that you're losing. >> would you treat a sunburn differently -- or sun poisoning, rather, differently from a sun burn? >> it's just the degree of burn. they say that over 20% of the body is a concern and a person should seek medical advice. so if you have blisters across your back, that would be considered 20% of the body. >> and finally, we've been saying that this is especially bad for children. why, exactly, is it more harmful to children to get a sunburn versus an adult? >> well, they're smaller and they have less surface area that we're dealing with. and so things can happen a lot quicker as we say in children as with adults. so you have to really be concerned. and some children can't voice concerns that they may have or they can't voice that they're burning from the sun. so it's important that parents and adults recognize that. >> all right. dr. cheryl burgess, nice to see you, as always.
11:51 am
some great advice to prevent sunburn and sun poisoning. thank you so much. it is now 11:50. coming up, a mother and son working just blocks apart are reunited after 36 years. plus, meteorologist veronica johnson will be back.
11:52 am
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the reconcile couple proved they are just like every other couple and went out for a movie date, but they avoided the worldwide phenomenon of harry potter, perhaps in an effort to have a little more privacy. they saw "saturday night live" star kristen wigs film "bridesmaids." hope they had fun. the first lady has a date with harry potter this week. michelle obama is set to visit the knanaval base on thursday. while she's there, she'll watch harry potter and the death harry potter skp t det and thel hall laos part ii with military families. a mother didn't have to go far to find her son. the reunion 36 years in the making. >> reporter: ann sullivan was a young college student on a scholarship three decades ago when she got pregnant. she made a difficult choice to give up her child for adoption? it was really hard. so i spent most of my days alone in my little apartment until it was time to deliver.
11:55 am
and i would just put my arms around my belly and talk to him. >> reporter: through the years that would follow, damon davis would grow up happy and well adjusted in his adopted home. as an adult, he married and had a son, seth, but there was a longing that grew as time passed. he needed to know his birth mother. he knew the answer could be tricky. >> you have no idea what they've been up to, what they're expecting from you. >> reporter: likewise, ann sullivan wondered what had become of the child she carried, but never known. >> as the person who placed him in adoption, i thought, maybe he won't forgive me for that. >> reporter: but forgiveness was there and damon already was looking for. pecan subtled with social service authorities, got information, and was ready to reach out to the biological mother he'd never known. he didn't have to reach far. the ironies associated with this story are remarkable. first of all, she worked here at l'enfant plaza. he worked a short distance away on capitol hill. and they'd both gone to the same
11:56 am
grad school at different time. they didn't live far apart and shopped at the same mall. so much in common, but so little to be said at that first face-to-face meeting. >> there was not a word spoken, we literally fell into each other's arms and embraced and cried. >> reporter: since then, there's been plenty to talk and write about between mother and son, and a beautiful yet beautiful irony. remember how ann sullivan says she would talk to her unborn child? >> and some of the things i said to him, he actually wrote to me in the letter that he wrote to introduce himself. so it was amazing. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. >> very nice story. 11:56 now. 90 degrees already. let's take a look at some of the stories we're following on news 4 this afternoon. rupert murdoch called today the most humble day of my life. the very latest in the phone hacking scandal. also coming up at 4:00, the dog with the bark that scared away robbers. and help for headache sufferers. this time of year can be a real pain, but there's three things you can do to get relief. that's tonight on news 4 at 5:00. 90 degrees already!
11:57 am
it's only noon and -- >> i know. >> that's just the temperature. >> because i'm looking at the heat index, and that's another 8 degrees added on top. so you get up to 95. add another 8 to that. that's what it's going to feel like later today. so your hot yoga class, that's outside today, okay? >> i'll still go. sweating anyway. >> oppressive heat and even the risk for thunderstorms today. but with this high humidity, folks, just standing still will have you sweating. 95 degrees to 96. it will feel like we're up around 106 to 108 degrees later this afternoon. you're good night/wake-up forecast into the 80s, but probably feeling like we're even around 87 to 88 degrees at 9:00. chance for an some isolated thunderstorms, 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, running at around 75 to 76 degrees. here's a look at your four-day forecast. chance of thunderstorms today, up until about 7:00. then isolated storms, we'll go from scattered to isolated. the possibility tomorrow too.
11:58 am
the high, 93. so we'll be just a tad cooler, not very much. then that big dome of high pressure that's over the nation's midsection that's been frozen there, stuck there, it will move over us from 99 to 101 thursday and friday. saturday, too, likely to be quite oppressive. possibility of some thunderstorms and a little bit of a cooldown for sunday and monday. >> a little bit. >> a little bit. >> all right, we'll take every little thing we can get. thanks, veronica. that does it for news many midday. thanks so much for joining us. be sure to tune in at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 later today. i'll be back tomorrow morning at 4:30 with "news 4 today." hope you'll join us then. until then, have a great day. see you tomorrow.
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